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How To Watch Movies With Friends Online Using Jio Cinema Party Extension

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The Jio Cinema Party extension is a popular online plugin that provides a convenient way to enjoy Indian cinema on small screens. It works as a brilliant streaming platform for people who like watching movies & shows of Indian cinema. The best part you will appreciate about it is that you don’t need to go anywhere, as it facilitates streaming by sitting at your home. Moreover, an advantage it offers to its users is that the Jio Cinema Watch Party extension lets you invite your friends & family to join while streaming at your virtual parties. 

So you can share your streaming experience with people you invited even if you're physically apart. You might be aware of the fact that JioCinema is India's own OTT (Over-The-Top) platform. Furthermore, it is popular among people for providing various video streaming content. And these include TV shows, movies, and web series. Hence, accessing the Jio Cinema Party extension not only lets you enjoy the watch party feature. But also access Jio recharge plans and the entire streaming library. Therefore, it is important to install the JioCinema app on your PC, laptop, or smartphone before creating a JioCinema Party.

How to Declutter Long Distances via Jio Cinema Party Extension?  

If you want to keep your dear ones always close to you, even if you are physically apart? Then, what can be better than installing the extension to create a Jio Cinema Watch Party with friends? Let’s see how the entire process will take place: 

1. Install the Jio Cinema Watch Party Extension on your device and log in to your Jio Cinema account.

2. Next, you need to open a web browser such as Chrome or Edge, except Safari. And then, you need to search for the Jio Cinema website on your web browser.

3. Further, you need to select either a movie or show from JioCinema. Try to choose one that you want to watch with your friends. And don’t forget to play it and then pause the video.

4. Now continue by clicking on the Jio Cinema Party Extension icon. You can easily find the icon displayed in your browser's toolbar to activate it.

5. Consequently, a "Create A Watch Party" window will appear on your screen. And inside the window, you will find a "Start A Party" button. Click on that button to generate a watch party invitation link.

6. Copy the invitation link from the window after it is created.

7. Share the invitation link with your friends whom you want to join your Jio Cinema Party. You can use messaging apps or email to share the link. 

8. It is important that your friends also have the Jio Cinema Watch Party Extension installed on their devices and have their JioCinema accounts to join the watch party.

9. Your friends can use the invitation link to join the virtual party and start watching movies and shows with you while chatting in real-time sync.

By installing the Jio Cinema Party Extension and creating your watch party, you can bring the magic of Indian cinema and television to your home and enjoy an unforgettable streaming experience with your loved ones.

Best-known Features of JIO Cinema Party

The Jio Cinema Party extension offers a range of features that enhance your viewing experience. Here are some key attributes to note:

1. Extensive Accessibility: The Jio Cinema Watch Party Extension is available nationwide, ensuring users from all parts of India can access it. However, you need an active Jio SIM and Data Plan to create a Jio Cinema Watch Party.

2. Watch Party Control: Take control of your watch party by utilizing the "Only I Have Control" button. You can easily relinquish control by clicking the button again if desired.

3. Group Chat: The Jio Cinema Party isn't just about streaming; it also includes a "Group Chat'' feature that allows you to communicate with your friends while watching videos. This feature adds engagement and expressiveness to your watch party.

4. Synchronized Streaming: Bid farewell to glitches and lags with synchronized streaming. Enjoy real-time video playback for everyone, ensuring a seamless streaming experience for Bollywood movies, daily soaps, OTT content, and series.

5. Profile Personalization: Customize your JioCinema Party profile by selecting an avatar and a unique username. Add excitement and a personal touch to your watch party experience.

Prepare to bring the magic of Indian cinema and television to your home with the Jio Cinema Watch Party. Install the Jio Cinema Party Extension, create your watch party, and enjoy an unforgettable streaming experience with your loved ones.

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