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How To Watch Jio Cinema Party Together With Your Friends Using Online

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The Jio Cinema Party extension is one of the best & convenient online plugins that represents the Indian cinema best at small screens. Besides, the JioCinema Party can be your best friend if you are a true fan of watching Indian cinema. The best part is you don’t need to go outside as you can enjoy watching it conveniently by sitting at home. Moreover, why watch movies & shows alone when you can enjoy watching them with all your friends and family? 

Yes, even the Jio Cinema Party extension enables the gathering of friends at virtual parties, similar to other watch party extensions. But before this, you must know the fact that JioCinema is India's owning OTT platform. Also, Jio Cinema is filled with an extensive variety of video streaming contents such as movies, TV shows, web series, and much more. So don’t wait; light up your Indian vibes and create a virtual party for friends by installing the free-of-cost Jio Cinema Watch Party Extension. 

However, there’s a certain process to create a Jio Cinema Party; let’s have a look at it. It is highly recommended to use its features while streaming at the JioCinema Party with friends to bring amplification. Along with a watch party feature, Jio Cinema Party Extension also offers a Jio Recharge Plan and entire access to the streaming library. And ensure that the JioCinema app is installed either on your PC/laptop or smartphone.  

How to Create a Jio Cinema Party for Friends? 

In order to reconnect with your brats and loved ones again, creating a Jio Cinema Watch Party can help exceptionally. Hence, to begin, follow the below points: 

1. First and foremost, you must have installed the Jio Cinema Watch Party Extension on your device. After installation, you must have logged in to your Jio Cinema account.

2. Next, try opening your web browser; either it should be Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. After that, enter the Jio Cinema website in the search field to search for it.

3. Afterward, search for a video to fulfill your streaming via the Jio Cinema Watch Party Extension. Once you have selected a movie or show from JioCinema that you want with friends, play it first, then pause the video. 

4. To activate the Jio Cinema Party Extension, visit the browser and then; click the JioCinema Party Extension icon. You can easily find the JioCinema Party Extension icon located in the browser's toolbar. 

5. Consequently, it will show a "Create A Watch Party" window on your screen. A "Start A Party" button will also be inside the window. You need to click that button to generate a watch party invitation link. 

6. Don’t forget to copy the invitation link from the window after creating it. 

7. Once the invitation link is created, please share it with your friends whom you want to stream at your Jio Cinema Party. You can even take assistance from messaging apps or email to share the link. 

8. Remember, the other participants or your friends must have installed the JioCinema Party Extension on their devices. They must also have their JioCinema accounts to join the watch party.

9. And that’s how you can successfully create a JioCinema Party by following the above points. Your friends must use the invitation link to join the virtual party. So they can begin watching movies & shows with you, along with chatting in real-time sync. 

Blissful Attributes of Jio Cinema Party Extension 

The JioCinema Watch Party offers some amazing features to enhance your viewing experience. Here are some noteworthy attributes:

1. Extensive Accessibility 

The JioCinema Watch Party Extension is available across India, ensuring users from all corners of the country can access it. However, you need an active Jio SIM and Data Plan to create a JioCinema Watch Party.

2. Watch Party Control 

Take charge of your watch party by clicking the "Only I Have Control" button. You can easily relinquish control by clicking the button again if you prefer.

3. Group Chat 

Before you think, the Jio Cinema Party is all about streaming. Here is the “Group Chat'' feature that lets you communicate with friends along with watching videos. Using this feature will add engagement and expressiveness to your watch party. 

4. Synchronized Streaming 

Say goodbye to glitches and lags with synchronized streaming. Enjoy real-time video playback for everyone, ensuring a seamless streaming experience for Bollywood movies, daily soaps, OTT content, and series.

5. Profile Personalization 

Bring customization in your JioCinema Party profile by choosing an avatar, plus a unique username. Add some excitement and personal touch to your watch party experience.

Get ready to bring the magic of Indian cinema and television to your home with the JioCinema Party. Install the JioCinema Party Extension, create your watch party, and enjoy an unforgettable streaming experience with your loved ones.

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